Gromique was created as a design firm

in 2008 with the mission of creating groundbreaking and innovative media that exceeds industry standards and expectations.


Gromique’s performing strength is its skills advertising. As we are comprised of industry professionals from various skill sets, diversity allows us to provide targeted concentrations of smart creative commanding the attention of our clients’ target audiences. We are a high-touch service organization that provides advertising and marketing consulting, interactive design for Web and mobile, imaging, architecture and tactile analysis.


Gromique is not a large agency, yet it has the ability provide scalable services through partnerships with other vertical-leading agencies.  These partners include printers, film houses, model agencies, wardrobe stylists, translators and more. It is our goal to provide, beyond excellent creative, an environment, lifestyle and attitude that our clients and audiences will find both enticing and addictive.


Gromique excels in brand creation and brand refresh.  We understand that, at the center of brand expertise is the creation of successful persona.  This includes the way a brand is spoken, looks, used, smells, tastes, and conducts its culture. Successful brands start with a focused characterization that extends to all touch points. When done well, a brand becomes a potent experience.


Gromique is also proud to be a certified as a Minority-owned company.